Google Plus Dos and Don’ts

Google Plus Dos and Don'tsMost business owners are starting to realize that they had better start using Google Plus as part of their marketing plans if they want to get ahead in the digital world of marketing. However, it can be confusing to understand what one should or shouldn’t do in this relatively new social network platform.

Here are some Google Plus Dos and Don’ts to help businesses to use this valuable tool more efficiently:

Do Use Appealing and Relevant Images and Videos
Photos and graphics are both powerful ways for a business to get the word out about their products and services. It’s no different on the Google Plus platform. You should only use photos, videos and graphics that your customers can relate to and that have a meaning in regards to your products and services. For example, if you are selling cat toys, then you should have some photos or videos of owners interacting with their cats playing with the toys you sell instead of some random photo of a cat sleeping or otherwise engaged in doing something unrelated to cat toys.

Don’t Use Bad or Unprofessional Images or Videos
When you are choosing photos and graphics and videos for your Google Plus pages, be sure that the photos are in focus, not grainy, and show your products or services in their best light. For instance, don’t post a photo that cuts off a customer’s head or where your logo is blurry. And don’t use photos or videos of anything that is unprofessional and could show your company in a bad light such as anything sexually oriented or that show any sort of inappropriate actions.

Do Use Memorable Taglines
When you are choosing a tagline for your Google Plus pages, be sure it is one that your customers will not forget. You need to tell them, for instance, that your page is the ‘official’ Google Plus page for your company so that they know it is not something a fan created or even an enemy. Plus you can add in your company m motto as well, such as the old Coke saying, ‘Have a Coke and a Smile’.

Don’t Use the Company’s Address in a Tagline
Many Google Plus pages seem to put their company’s address in their taglines. This is not the place for it! Instead, if you have a physical brick and mortar store you can put that data in an about section of your Google Plus profile page. Taglines are meant for memorable words or a phrase that get the attention of your customers and lets them know what your company does, not tell them where you are, as that can come later once you have them hooked on your products and services.

When adding your business name, address and phone be sure to standardize it so that it appears the same everywhere you list it. This means typing it exactly the same word for word, abbreviation for abbreviation so it won’t get confused with other similarly named companies.

Do Link Google Plus Accounts to Other Social Media
It’s always a good idea to make sure that all of your websites, social media pages, etc., are linked up. This makes it more likely your customers and potential clients can find you. So, be sure to put in a link to your Google Plus site to your Facebook or Twitter accounts or your website or blog and be sure to do the same for these places by adding in a link to them on your Google Plus pages.

Do join communities in your niche and don’t forget to Share
Getting followers and joining communities on Google Plus in your niche is also vital. Be sure to actively post relevant and useful content, as well as posting on other Google Plus pages related to your niche. Interact with your customers and answer their questions, give them useful data and announce things like new products or upcoming sales. The better your relationship is with your followers, the better your business ranking on Google. Sharing is indeed caring when it comes to Google Plus.

Do join and create Circles to target precise audiences
Google Plus circles are one of the best aspects of this platform. It allows you to sort out followers and form them into precise groups with precise interests. This makes it more efficient to share the type of information and announcements to these specific groups so that you get more for your efforts and they don’t have to sort through lots of posts to get what they want to know.

Do Use the Google +1 Feature
Google +1 is similar to a Facebook like and you want to get as many of these as possible on your Google Plus account. It means someone is endorsing your products and services. And, best of all, if a customer uses a Google +1 on your content, it means that the people in their Circles will also see it and could become potential customers as well.

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