The proper way to use Affiliate Links on Pinterest

The proper way to use Affiliate Links on PinterestSelling affiliate products on Pinterest is very simple and is considered as very successful as Pinterest attracts a lot of users and ultimately gets you a buyer very soon. The only thing you should be worrying about is the picture you will be posting along with the details of Affiliate product. Pinterest actually encourages commerce on their website and is very effective for vendors. The proper way of selling an affiliate gift will be told in this article. Whenever you click on the gifts tab in Pinterest, you see products with price tags so that the consumer knows the price of the product before clicking on the picture.

To properly sell affiliated products one should follow the following steps:
* Categorization of Products: You should create categories of different products you want to sell as consumers interested in that category only will be directed towards it.
* Adding a Board: Each category is added on a separate board. You can choose the option of creating a new board from add option in Pinterest.
* Naming the Board: Naming of the board should be search engine optimized. A fancy name is of no use if it does not come up on search engine as Pinterest is a search engine.
* Adding URL: Adding URL of your blog or website is important as it directs the consumer to your website or blog directly.
* Uploading a Pin: Here is the twist, to add affiliate link you should upload a link instead of adding a pin. This uploading of the link will be done from the computer you are using.
* Selecting the right board: While uploading the link, you should be careful while choosing the right board, once you choose the right board, you will be actually categorizing your pin.
* Adding description and URL: You are given maximum of 500 words for writing description and URL, so you should keep your description small so the link shows up. This link should be your affiliate link.
* Adding link behind the picture: To add link behind the picture, you will have to go to edit the pin option and there you have to add your link. If your link is too long then you can use a link cutter which shortens the link for example In edit pin option you will be directed towards the box where you will have to add the link.
* Adding Price: In the description just add ` $ `/ dollar sign with the value and the Pinterest automatically adds a cool price strip on the corner of your pin.
* Affiliate Link Appears: After this your product will appear with a price tag and your product will be live for selling.
Pinterest is a great place to As of now Pinterest does not allow you to add you Amazon affiliate links for example if you want to link a picture of a mobile phone with Amazon where that phone is getting sold for commission, on Pinterest it is really difficult to get that thing done. For selling Amazon products on Pinterest, you need to do masking of the links.
Masking of the links can be done in various ways and a lot of websites are available for masking. Sometimes shortening the link also leads to masking. Once your affiliate link appears on the Pinterest, your pin will decide how many consumers it will attract.

Pinterest not only allows you to increase commerce but also helps you to perform market research which helps you to calculate your customer loyalty. Pinterest is a perfect place to sell affiliate products because of high active user strength.

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